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Our hiking tips
(Re)discover the mountain differently !

Every week, Cécile, our guide, offers the MiL8 guests to share her passion for mountain through discovery walks on the local flora, or – for the sportiest – an initiation to Afghan or Nordic walking to rediscover the benefits of relaxing in the openness.

Afghan walking – A breath of freedom without getting tired

As simple as it is effective, it provides you with well-being and serenity. Based on breathing, the Afghan walking allows to go faster and further without getting tired.

Half day: 20€/adult


Recreational walk around plants – Listen, watch, smell, touch…

A recreational walk for the whole family during which you have fun with plants. The five senses stimulated, you turn them into dancer, cracker, whistle, make-up, parakeet…

Half day: 20€/adult. Children: 16 €


Nordic Walking – An activity with multiple benefits

Nordic walking is an outdoor sport with multiple benefits. Come and discover a “smooth and tonic walk”, effective and fun for everyone. Nordic walking is summer trendy sport.

Half day: 1h30 – 2h sessions: 16€


Registration at the hotel reception.